Hello to all the WRHS Farmers of 1966~

How is it that the much anticipated 50th reunion is now a thing of the past?!  Time is way too fleeting.  But memories and photos remind us that the weekend festivities were in a word ‘magical.’ 

What brought us all together at Wheat Ridge many years ago was a common thread---our high school education.  Those three years offered us a multitude of opportunities and challenges above and beyond the academic arena.  Five decades later we were once again united by common threads---the desire to celebrate and renew friendships, to rekindle tender memories, and to share our personal journeys. It all came together in a magical, exhilarating, and inspirational fashion.  Each event and each activity afforded us a new and unique bonding experience with each other. It was evident in the smiling faces and lively conversations that everyone had a remarkable and memorable time.

Bravo and a big thank you to the planning committee which consisted of an enthusiastic group of classmates who dedicated their time and expertise orchestrating the perfect weekend. There wasn’t one thing missing…yummy food, incredible decorations, fantastic venues, treasured memorabilia, delightful music, and amazing tours.

Please, take some time to enjoy and peruse the variety of tabs on the website and visit often to stay updated and current.
Bring the reunion weekend alive with a nostalgic montage of photos for each event.  Judy Kifer DeCook has compiled, formatted, and posted a colorful selection of candid shots that were taken during the festivities.  Take time to peruse this entertaining slide show under the Photo Album tab.  So much fun awaits you. 

Videos—a Nostalgic Keepsake
Capture the essence of the Farmers of ’66 ranging five decades… from high school through the 20th, 40th, 45th, and 50th reunions.   Those who attended this latest reunion were able to enjoy the incredible video created by Carol Stokes Jape.  She has graciously offered to make a sequel and will soon be in the process of producing another…this time featuring a potpourri of photos from all the 50th events. This is a wonderful opportunity for all classmates to see how gracefully we have transitioned into ‘mature’ and proactive adults.  The Baby Boomers of the WRHS class of 1966 are an exceptional and eclectic group of individuals---we continue to rock it! The offer to purchase the two videos is available to all classmates. The cost for both videos is $20.00 which includes shipping and handling fees. (Checks made payable to WRHS Class of 1966). For detailed information on how to order, contact: Susie Richardson at .
Scholarship Fund
Let’s keep the mighty Farmers of ’66 legacy alive and ‘kickin.’  It’s never too late to make a donation to the WRHS Class of 1966 scholarship fund which will offer a Wheat Ridge High School graduating senior an opportunity to continue and expand on his/her education and passion.  All the information that you need to make a contribution is located under the Leave a Legacy section.  Please, let’s continue helping to cultivate the life-long love for learning in our students.
Website Longevity—
We will continue updating and modifying the website as needed, but we need your help in keeping it current.  Please, take a few minutes periodically to update your profile and contact information so that we are able to keep you in the Farmer loop.  Our generation has done a pretty bang up job of adapting to a cyber-tech world.  Not that it isn’t a struggle for many of us, but we persevere!  Our best method of communication is through emails, so keep yours updated often.  And, even though we’ve been driving this into the ground, please let us know if you have any information on our missing Farmers.  We would love to include as many of our classmates as possible. And, don’t forget, you can always send a message to your Farmer buddies through the website under the Classmate Profile tab (as long as we have an email address for that individual).

A Fiftieth Toast to the Farmers of ‘66
Here’s an opportunity to read the impactive message that Kay Dwyer Rees shared with classmates at Saturday’s Dinner/Dance event. It resonated with everyone in attendance and brought forth a myriad of joyful and insightful, emotions. Thank you, Kay, for tugging at our heartstrings and strengthening the bond we share as classmates. The toast is posted in a new section: 50th Reunion Toast. And for a chuckle or two make sure you open the Reunion Poem tab.  This humorous rendition of a 50 reunion clearly says it all. 

That’s a wrap, Farmers.  Please, stay in touch with each other.  And, another thank you to all those who joined us at the recent 50th gala.  It was an endearing and memorable weekend for all of us.
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