WRHS -- The Sixties: Annual Pot Luck Picnic

WRHS63 has organized an annual picnic for the WRHS 1961-1965 classes during the past several years. This casual picnic is for Farmers, teachers, their spouses and/or guests.
Each January 2, we reserve and pay for the Prospect Park Pavillion at 44th & Robb Street for our annual event. We like this facility because it is covered, is adjacent to restrooms and has adequate parking.
Our Picnic Committee has just decided to expand the group to include all of “The Sixties”.
We now invite the classes of 1960, 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969 to join us for our Saturday, July 29, 2017 picnic at Prospect Park from Noon 4 PM.
We provide water, ice, paper napkins and plates, plastic utensils, table coverings and the venue.
We ask each class to pay $30, which will help pay for the venue and set-up items. A donation jar is also provided to accept voluntary individual contributions from attendees to be used as seed money for the following year’s picnic.
The picnic is pot luck. Please bring enough food, either an appetizer, or salad, or entrée or dessert to share with other Farmers. If you bring your own 3.2 beer, it needs to be in cans.
We look forward to meeting Farmers from the 60’s on July 29th.
Suggestions, questions?
Contact Terry Ten Eyck WRHS63, terry@carlsonland.net 303-457-2966 x16